Company Overview

Jiangsu Five Continents Machinery Co., Ltd. (FCM) has emerged as a leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide array of single machines, complete feed mill plants and wood sawdust pellet plants. Customers have come to us for advanced and reliable machines and spare parts, earning us a reputation as a trusted supplier both at home and abroad.

FCM pays strict attention to what is happening on pellet mill markets around the world, and works continuously to improve the performance and reliability of our machines and services. By doing so, we can build the desired products our customers need and want, taking them from a blueprint concept to a working product.

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Company Name: Jiangsu Five Continents Machinery Co.,Ltd.
No.8 Gongyuan Road, Tianmu Lake Industrial Park, Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel.: +86-519-87272200
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